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Thu, Aug 9, 2018
Commissions OPEN! Anybody need anything?
Wed, Aug 1, 2018
It's August 1st and there's a new donation pin! Details here:
Tue, Jul 31, 2018
Today is the LAST DAY to get the JULY donation pin! New design tomorrow!
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Yep. We're actually in the 20th book. It's crazy. Never thought I'd make it this long back when I put up the first pages back in 2004.

It also makes me feel bad about being so far behind in the print additions. I'll probably do a kickstarter early next year to get me up to date with the print editions (basically to force me off my butt about it). I'd do it now, but I want to get ALL the stuff from the last kickstarter sent out first and I've still got about 60 models to go. [less]
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