Posted April 7, 2020 at 12:01 am

And the shoes continue to fall. My children's school has just informed us that they are withdrawing all of our financial aid next year, likely because so many people suddenly need it. Which means that I get to pick one of my three children and explain to them why they can't go back to the school the school they've been going to even though there siblings still are. That will be SO much fun. Heck, we literally picked our house based based on the location of that school and I've drained my savings to keep them in it, but fuck me, right?

Of course even keeping two of them in will now cost more than three did this year, that I barely paid WITH the kickstarter that I'm now not going to be able to do this year.

Not like everything else I've tried recently hasn't failed.

*Throws paper in the air*

I can't even draw anymore right now.

What will tomorrow bring?

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