Posted May 20, 2024 at 12:01 am

Rough week or so on my end.  Car crash last weekend.  Paying through the teeth for a rental all week and now into the next.  Wednesday marked the beginning of a serious medical issue for someone very close to me and I spent most of this weekend at the hospital with them.  The world is not falling apart.  Spirits are still high as I'm able to keep them.  Just putting this out there in case there are any lapses or minor freakouts in the next weeks or so on my end.  Thanks.

Kick starter is doing better than the home life.  We are past the point of funding and working to see how high it can go.  So if you were holding back because you weren't sure it was happening: "The project IS happening".

You have until June 6th to jump on board!


Just what IS the Celestial Filing Depot?  How does it work?  When did it start? How is it run?

Introducing "Cassiel's Guide to the Celestial Filing Depot"

The "official" employee handbook for angels given the coveted jobs working with the paperwork that defines the universe itself! (Plus the "real" story in the form of new Oversight Administrator in the form of Cassiel's notes, coments, doodles and general meanderings...)

That's the link, by the way.

(THIS is ALSO the link!)