Posted July 14, 2023 at 12:01 am

Updates all around!


Sorry for the texty page.  Just wanted to check in with everyone.


For anyone waiting for “Misfile:Next” books, they’re on the way to me and should start shipping nextweek. Shipping typically takes a bit but I’ll get them out as fast as time and finances allow.


6Gun Mage is nearing the end of it’s run after 10 years.  It will remain up after that but updates will be few and far between.  It’s been a good run.


Good news is 6Gun’s ending means I’ll be launching another comic!  Normally a kickstarter would accompany this to help me get it off the ground, but my timing sucks and I can’t launch another kickstarter (both because of rules and because I don’t feel it would be right) until I finish shipping all the product from Misfile:next (see above).


If anyone DOES want to help me get this thing off the ground, any donations are welcome through PayPal ( and SUPER MUCHLY GREATLY appreciated.  In addition, as I’m putting the prologue pages together I’m posting them on my new Patreon account for the new comic.  So if you want to see it BEFORE it’s launched, become a patron here:


Hoping “Darkling Bright” will satisfy my itch for something a bit more fantastical while still covering the themes people seem to want to see from my work.  Scant funding will just make the launch take a bit longer than I’d like. 


Anyway, enough text.  Regular updates again on Monday!   

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