Posted July 1, 2020 at 12:01 am

JULY!   ... AAAAnnnd we may be under strict quarantine for a while depending on how someone else's test results pan out.  Fun.

Just a VERY FEW more days left on my kickstarter project.  Still not quite in striking range of funding, so if you've been waiting or waffling, now is the time. 


There's also a new donation magnet for July.  I'll get a pick up as soon as I am able.  We also have a patreon page:

Check out Misfile's Patreon page:

If anyone is interested in buying original Misfile pages, I'm entertaining options.  I'm not sure I'm selling yet, but this recession has bitten huge chunks out of my wallet and I'm hurting, so I may HAVE to bite the bullet and do it, especially if this kickstarter doesn't pan out.  So let me know if there's an interest and I'll ponder the possibility.

OH!  and I also almost forgot!  I have a twitch page now.  It's just me drawing so far, but I'm trying it out.  If you're interested please drop by and follow me. Costs nothing and helps me out.  I'll try to make it into something worth visiting.