Posted May 14, 2009 at 8:00 pm
So on Thursday I was talking at the shop about how I've come to dread phone calls since they never signal good news anymore, generally ranging from indifferent to just short of a total stress shut down. Not more than 15 minutes after this conversation, my phone range, and it was the auto repair shop. Not only will my car probably not be done by Friday now, but it turns out I need a piston head replaced now as well. Just shoot me... Oh, and don't call me. I may just have a heart attack when the phone rings... Commissions are currently OPEN! [url=http://www.misfile.com/?menu=commissions]The MISFILE Commissions Studio :-)[/url] DAYS THAT MY 2ND QUARTER ROYALTIES FROM WOWIO/PLATINUM STUDIOS (Over $7000) ARE OVERDUE: 281 AND STILL COUNTING!!! WHERE IS MY MONEY, WOWIO?!