Posted August 13, 2020 at 12:01 am

If not for mistakes, I wouldn't make amything...

So, most of you probably noticed yesterday's page went up in completely the wrong place in the archive, making it near impossible to find or see until I fixed it.  Thank you to everyone who let me know, since I didn't notice due to my computer showing a completely different page since I have the page editor on my system.

MISFILE - HELL HIGH BOOK 2 now available on Amazon!

My last game "The eternal Placement Test" is now available via for $5.  You can get it here:

I've also decided to switch printers for my books.  The old books will remain available through me and through, however, going forward all my new books will be available through Amazon "KDP".  In preparation for this I have the first 16 books of Misfile now available there as kindle e-books.  I also have the first book of Hell High available for purchase there with the 2nd book HOPEFULLY available later this week or early next week.    OH! And you can download the "Misfile" film/tv pilot there as well.  Yes (if you're new) I filed one in 2015.

Anyway, you can check out all that stuff here:

Misfile Stuff on Amazon

Hell High book 1

Misfile Film/TV Pilot

SLOWLY rebuilding everything that's broken this year.

Lastly, Check out Misfile's Patreon page:

Plus Paypal donations of $10 or more still get you a free fridge magnet every month!