Posted January 2, 2020 at 12:01 am

New month, new YEAR and new Donation Reward.  Going for some Lemures love this month.  Full sized image should go up this weekend for the curious.  Last year started with a whole bunch of promise, most of which fell apart throughout the year leaving me pounding my head on the floor and scraping the bottom of the bank account.  Hoping to turn that around this year.  Should have known though.  Though I prefer odd numbers, odd numbered years tend to be worse for me. 

Game still available for sale. A little, non-misfile related visual novel to help me learn a program for a potential project next year.   I regret a bit that it's 18+ due to a bit of nudity and subject matter, BUT if you're interested in seeing/playing it you can send $5 to via paypal and put "GAME" in the subject/notes and I'll give you access to the dropbox folder to play it. It's currently PC only.  There's also a FAQ about it on the misfile facebook page if you want more info.  You're not going to lose hours playing it, but it does have and original script and original art.

Game info link

Also, be sure to get in a paypal donation of $10 or more for your Nil and Lemures fridge magnet!

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