Posted March 31, 2020 at 12:01 am

TODAY is the LAST DAY to get March's Donation reward!

I was all set to launch another kickstarter in the next few weeks, but after some introspection and some input from readers I've come to the conclusion that it is probably not ethical or a financially sound idea to do so in the middle of a global pandemic.  So, many in a few months time.  In the meanwhile I'd like to figure out something small to do in the interim. 

Also still trying to do as much commission work as possible, since it's keeping me solvent.  I'm a bit more time crunched since I'm currently homeschooling three children while doing two comics, but I still usually have evenings.

If you'd like to contribute in a totally free way, please feel free to pass around the link to both the current and original Misfile storylines, as the ads therein should bring in a little and I'm sure there are lots of people with too much unoccupied tome on their hands.

In closing, I hope you're all holding your own as best you can and I hope what I provide here contributes at least a bit to your ability to make it through the day.  Stay safe and healthy.


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