Posted May 22, 2020 at 12:01 am

Why do I try again? Every bit of extra work I've done this month to try to make up for the money I'm not making this year so far has just been wiped out and possibly more but one post office mistake beyond my control.
I sent more than $200 worth of my books that were ordered from me and when they arrived they literally delivered only a piece of cardboard with the address on it. So now I'm out the cost of the books and the postage, and I can't even reorder the books and resend them because is waste deep in their own shit over their software update, so I'll have to refund the initial order on top of it all. All in all I think I'm going to be out about $500 over the whole thing.
Perfect May.

Let it be known that I stick up for the USPS on a regular basis, but right now I'm pretty pissed off.

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